Nathan Crane Interviews Joel Furhman, M.D.

Celebrity Doctor Reveals the Best Anti-Cancer Diet

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Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, (M.D.) is a board certified family physician, you might have seen him featured on the Dr. Oz Show, the Today Show, Live With Kelly, or Good Morning America.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman even invented the groundbreaking nutrition rating system now used in Whole Foods across the nation.

And he’s a 7X New York Times Best Selling Author, while acting as the director of the Nutritional Research Foundation. Plus, even though he’s 68 years old, he looks and feels incredible, right?

Dr. Fuhrman’s research has also won two prestigious awards, the St. Joseph’s Family Practice Resident’s Teaching Award, as well as the C3 Cardiology Global Health Award.

One of the most esteemed and respected medical practitioners in the USA, Dr. Fuhrman is finally revealing his weight loss secrets. So when he gives you advice on how to lose weight, or how to reverse chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes, it pays to listen closely to every word he says

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