Dr. Dana Flavin Started Reversing Her Patients' Cancers With This “Anti-Cancer Lifestyle…”

(Discover How You Can Start Using It This Evening)

I know that you’ve been hearing from Nathan Crane a lot… and I wanted to write this special message to you.. Because you did it! 

Conquering Cancer: The Missing Link is about to give you a literal library of anti-cancer strategies and tools. Cutting-edge discoveries that the corrupt pharmaceutical system doesn’t want you to know about…

And now, you get to own it FOREVER, you’ll have these Anti-Cancer Secrets at your fingertips whenever you need them.

And I Hope You Don’t Mind…

But I Need To Brag About Myself For A Second…

Hi, my name is Dr. Dana Flavin.

I’m an honorary professor at the Leicester School of Pharmacy, I’m BOTH a medical doctor AND a naturopathic doctor…

I’m a published scientific author…

Four years after graduating from the Chicago Medical School… the FDA appointed me as the Scientific Assistant to the Bureau Director for Toxicology

And there I gained YEARS of inside information into what REALLY causes cancer.

But more importantly…

In the last 40 years, I have helped thousands of people to naturally reverse their cancer WITHOUT poisonous side effects…

And I’m the cancer specialist that other doctors go to learn from. So if your current doctor has ever had trouble trying to figure out how to heal a cancer… odds are, they may have turned to me at one point.

I’m one of the guest experts featured in Nathan Crane’s groundbreaking Conquering Cancer: The Missing Link (don’t miss Episode 7).

I tell you all of these things not to brag…

But to show my expertise… I’ve been researching and reversing cancer for 40 YEARS. And I want to share the most important lesson with you…

Because now that you own The Missing Link series…

You might be wondering, what’s next? 

What happens after you have ALL of these strategies and ideas and your disposal…

Well, the next step is to make sure that you have the right doctors in your corner. 

And that’s why Nathan Crane and I have teamed up to give you a special gift. 

Because for all of the patients who come into my office… I help them create what’s called an “Anti-Cancer Lifestyle.” 

I have given this to THOUSANDS of cancer patients… and the results can be miraculous.

Because when you follow my step-by-step instructions…

It means you don’t have to figure out the diet, supplements, routines, or anything on your own.

You just have to let me do all of the work for you and guide you by the hand. 

And I would like to share this “Anti-Cancer Lifestyle” to you right now. 

You don’t have to figure out the diet, supplements, routines, or ANY of that on your own…

Just follow these steps over the next 90 days and you’ll know EXACTLY what to do. 

Breaking! Nathan Crane And Dana Flavin, M.D. Have Teamed Up to Help You Create This Anti-Cancer Lifestyle!

Join the Conquering Cancer Group Coaching Program Today

Here’s how it works.

Our first call starts on June 15th at 1:00 PM Eastern. (Not too worry, if you miss the live call, you will have lifetime access to the recordings.)

Here, we’re going to lay the groundwork for the entire program.

We’re going to talk about what cancer REALLY is… and how almost ANY cancer can actually be reversed (when you have all 6 parts of the lifestyle in place)…

This call, like the rest of the calls, will start off with the lesson for the day, the action steps for you to take, and then a Q&A session where we’ll answer your questions. 

After That, You’ll Have 6 More Group Coaching Calls That Cover All 6 Parts of the Anti-Cancer Lifestyle.

What are the 6 parts included in the Conquering Cancer Group Coaching Program? 

Glad you asked!

We already know that cancer acts like a complex machine with many causes. 

And that’s why following these 6 ESSENTIAL (yet easy) steps is so important.

Because getting all 6 of these areas right virtually TRANSFORMS your body into an anti- cancer fortress. Where it has so much cancer-fighting power, that it becomes almost impossible for tumors to grow…

So here are the 6 parts of the Anti Cancer Lifestyle that Nathan and I will help you to build…

Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Part 1: Detoxing Cancer

Our environment, food, and water are all LOADED with toxins.

That’s why this is the FIRST step to becoming cancer- free. Because we need to make sure that you are cleansing those cancer-causing agents out of your body. 

Plus, it’s easier than you think. There are special foods, technologies, and rituals you can practice that cleanse these toxins from your body. 

Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Part 2: Supplementation For Cancer

There are essential nutrients that your body needs to suppress cancer cells and keep them from growing in the first place.

This is one of the EASIEST steps that you can take to turn your body into an anti- cancer fortress.

In fact, some of the supplements that are critical in the Anti- Cancer Lifestyle you might not have heard of before. 

Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Part 3: Cancer-Free Exercise

No, this doesn’t have to involve any strenuous exercise.

All you need are a few simple, easy exercises that allow the blood to move around your body. Exercises that also release a flood of immune cells and hormones that help your body to keep cancer at bay. 

I recommend that you make this a part of your morning routine. 

Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Part 4: Heal Your Cancer-Causing Emotions

You may not realize how IMPORTANT emotions and stress are for preventing and reversing cancer…

And that’s because the cortisol (stress hormone) that’s linked to these emotions DIRECTLY suppresses your immune system. Which allows tumors to grow like wildfire in your body.

But the solution is simple.

You just need an easy daily ritual that cleanses these cancer-causing emotions.

Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Part 5: Eat A Diet That Shrinks Your Tumors

There are certain foods that encourage tumors to grow…

And then there are foods that starve your tumors, shrink them, and prevent them from growing in the first place.

These foods are delicious, and there’s a simple meal plan you can follow that could allow you to conquer cancer once and for all.

Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Part 6: Spirituality And Cancer

Look, I don’t think it’s a coincidence, that in the last 50 years, we’ve seen a DECLINE in spirituality among Americans…

And at the same time, SKYROCKETING numbers of cancer cases.

The numbers are in. The data shows that more spiritual people have an EASIER time dealing with their emotions, fewer cancer cases, and overall happier lives.

And you don’t have to pick up a new religion, move to the hills, or some hippie commune…

One spiritual practice that you practice in the morning could be all that you need.

All 6 of These Pieces of This Anti- Cancer Puzzle Fit Neatly Together… And When They Combine, Miracles can Happen

That’s the SECRET to putting your tumors into full remission (or preventing them from growing)…

Without RISKY surgery…

Chemotherapy that hurts worse than the cancer itself…

Or radiation that actually causes MORE tumors to grow!

You just have to trust in Nathan Crane and I, the AMAZING body that God and nature gave you, and your ability to be happy and healthy.

So many people are DEPENDANT on the medical system to survive… they’re doped up on endless medications and pills without ever feeling better…

And I LOVE that you have the opportunity to live without all of that…

Now, creating an Anti- Cancer Lifestyle that follows all 6 pieces of the puzzle might sound daunting…

But you don’t have to do it all alone…

Because as soon as the kickoff call ends, you’ll join the group in these 6 calls:

Call #1: How to Detox Cancer From Your Body (June 29th)

The number one thing that I recommends to patients who are told to go home early because traditional treatments aren’t working for them.

3 “Anti-Cancer Habits” that you can start using right now. These rituals are easy to follow and they don’t take much time. 

How to erase the stress and anxiety that come with a cancer diagnosis. (Or if you are worried about getting cancer). 

Call #2: Anti-Cancer Supplements (July 13th)

The 4 MOST IMPORTANT supplements that Nathan and I recommend to anybody who wants to fight or prevent cancer.

A little known supplement that can help your body to fight off inflammation (without nasty side effects like stomach pain, bleeding, or dryness).

Are parasites hiding in your body that are ruining your immune system or causing cancer? (This antiparasitic supplement could help to kill them).

Call #3: How to Exercise so Cancer Can’t Grow: (July 27th)

Why this “Anti Cancer Exercise” is the best way to cleanse toxins out of your body.

Simple exercises that are easy for ANYBODY to do that are proven to release stress, cleanse your body, and give you a better shot at fighting cancer.

A kind of exercise that you should do 3 to 5 times per week that is ESSENTIAL for warding off cancer. (Plus, it can be fun, depending on what you want to do!)

Call #4: How To Cleanse Cancer-Causing Emotions (August 10th)

How these cancer-therapists have been working with cancer patients to help them heal their brain and their emotions… and give them a clear stress-free path to becoming cancer free. 

The truth about EMDR Tapping (can something this simple REALLY help your body to prevent and fight cancer)

Full audio support from to take you through every step of the emotional healing process. 

Call #5: The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Diet (August 24th)

3 surprising foods that are proven to cause cancer.

What’s the big deal about “Organic Food?” Is it all it’s hyped up to be, should you really worry about it? Find out here.

10 cancer-fighting nutrients that you can find in specific anti-cancer foods.

Call #6: Spirituality & Cancer – An Essential Step for Healing (Sept 7th)

The curious link between spirituality and cancer. (Even if you’re not religious, you might be surprised to find out how better spiritual people usually fare during a cancer diagnosis).

One spiritual practice you can use every evening that could help you win the fight against cancer. 

Is gratitude enough? Here’s what you really need to do to heal yourself emotionally so that your body has the energy to ward off cancer cells…

When You Join The Conquering Cancer Group Coaching Program 90 Days From Now…

You Could Have the “Ultimate Anti-Cancer Lifestyle.”

There are two types of people who get cancer.

The victims.

Their diagnosis turns into a nightmare that ruins their life, creates endless misery, and ultimately ends up taking their life.

They feel like they’re COMPLETELY out of control, and that there’s nothing they can do.

Those AREN’T the people who heal from cancer, or who can prevent it from forming…

Then, there are the heroes.

These AMAZING people find a way to turn cancer into their best gift.

They might have the same diagnosis as someone else, but they look AND feel completely different.

More often than not, they completely heal from their cancer, and it never comes back. They feel like they’re years younger and their health is better than ever.

They’re eating right, exercising, and they have so much energy that they can’t stop moving.

I want YOU to be in that group. Doesn’t that sound like a much better way to live?

And that’s how things can be 90 days from now…

Family & Friends Will Be Shocked at Your Miraculous Transformation.

They probably thought that you were going to be sickly, out of energy, and like cancer would get the best of you…

But this is your chance to THRIVE… to realize that you are STRONGER than cancer, and that this doesn’t have to be the end…

When you join the Conquering Cancer Group Coaching Program… you’re guaranteeing that you’re doing EVERYTHING possible to prevent or reverse cancer.

And when you see how it’s POSSIBLE to do that, without cutting, burning, or poisoning yourself (what sense does it make to drop an ATOMIC BOMB on your health when there’s a better option?)… 

You’ll feel so happy that you trusted in my 40 years of cancer-reversing expertise… and my ability to bring you WORLD-CLASS information and experts. 

The Conquering Cancer Group Coaching Program Will Help You Create the Ultimate Anti-Cancer Lifestyle in Just 90 Days: It’s Your Step-By-Step Roadmap to Helping You Prevent or Heal From Cancer

Just Imagine…

You don’t have to figure out all of this on your own…

If you were to go to a traditional doctor’s office or hospital… you would have a personal team of doctors and experts to take you through chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery…

And I want to MAKE SURE that you get that same luxury and personal care when you use these natural solutions.

But please make your decision quickly, because after June 14th, you won’t be able to sign up for this program any longer.

And while you might think that a program as ADVANCED as this… where we show you EXACTLY what to do, would run thousands or tens of thousands of dollars…

I’m happy to tell you that you can sign up for The 90-Day Anti-Cancer Lifestyle for one low payment of $197 or you can choose our convenient 3-pay option of $77. The choice is yours.

The reason we can give you such an AFFORDABLE PRICE, is because we are giving you this step-by-step plan in a group setting…

That allows us to give you the same information, for a much lower price!

So when you’re ready to create your ANTI-CANCER LIFESTYLE… this is your one-time opportunity to join the group…

So please make this decision VERY carefully… 

Join Now For Only…

Your Price: $197

Or 3 monthly payments of $77. Choose your option below.

Use the coupon code VIP10 to save 10% off when you choose the single payment option.

🔒 Your order is 100% secure and protected by our 60-day money-back guarantee.

Enrollment expires on June 14th at 11:59pm Eastern.


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